Tailor-made logistics solutions

InnoCore Vision has gained the upper hand in this dynamic market, due to the fact that our team of logistics professionals works ONLY with reliable logistics companies, in order to provide our customers with the best service.


In order to ensure that you receive the goods that you have ordered in top condition, we can provide our customers with what is known as on hold service. This means that your goods will be shipped to one of our professional freight forwarders who on your behalf, will perform an independent and full inspection of the goods that you ordered. Only when you are satisfied that your order has been fulfilled to your satisfaction, you will forward payment to us. Once the funds have been received on our side, the goods will be released to you.


One of the major benefits that you will find when working with InnoCore Vision is next day shipment. Due to our vast experience in supplying goods and our professional logistics team, we can very often ensure that you order your goods today and receive them tomorrow!